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What makes Cabin Fever different than other websites?

Cabin Fever makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for by providing a comprehensive search and filters.

There are other sites out there for finding events near you. Some are focused on sports, music, dining or another specific type of event, some are a big jumble of events that are happening. The goal of Cabin Fever is to take those two concepts and bring them together. A site specific to music is great if you’re looking for music, but if you’re looking for something else it doesn’t help. And a site with a massive list of events isn’t always helpful because it can be overwhelming. You might not be interested in seeing a play, you’re looking to go see a basketball game, or maybe a way to get active yourself. You can come to Cabin Fever and select the “Sports & Games” and “Health & Wellness” categories and see only events that fit into those categories. Or select “Family Friendly” for fun things to do with the kids!

We want to compile a list of everything that is happening around you, but allow you to filter those results however you want so that you are not overwhelmed. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find what you are interested in, and get you out having fun as quickly as possible!

Why should I put my events on Cabin Fever instead of using my own website?

Putting events on your own website is still a great way to get the word out to the public, but people come to Cabin Fever to get a full picture of what is going on around town. They may not know exactly what they want to do, and they may not know that your event exists. Putting information on Cabin Fever makes it available to be easily discovered, and can bring people to your event who may have otherwise never heard that it was happening.

How do I get my events on Cabin Fever?

We have created two ways for you to create events on Cabin Fever:

1) Web form

The web form is a quick and easy way to add events to Cabin Fever. Anyone can add events this way, but all events submitted in this form will need to be reviewed by Cabin Fever staff and approved before they appear on Cabin Fever. This is done to eliminate spam and to validate event information.

You can add events here

2) Create an Account

If you are going to be consistently adding events to Cabin Fever, creating an account is probably a better option for you. You can become a trusted publisher, and have your events published to Cabin Fever without first requiring approval from Cabin Fever staff.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

With a Cabin Fever account you can easily create and manage your own events, venues and organizers. These items will still need to be approved by the Cabin Fever staff before they are published, but once it is created you can manage them on your own.

In the future, accounts will be used to better display personalized information to users. You will immediately see events that are more geared toward your interests. This will be done by allowing you to set what categories that you are most interested in, as well as other settings that can be used to personalize your results. You will still be able to filter events to find exactly what are looking for, but some of that filtering can be done for you as soon as you log in.

For posting events, accounts will be used to verify “trusted publishers” who will no longer have to gain approval before an event gets published to Cabin Fever, and will be used to link other items to account holders.

Is there any cost?

Cabin Fever is free for all users. All of our income is based on the ads that you see on the website. In the future, we plan to have event organizers be able to have “sponsored events”, which will work similar to Google’s sponsored search results.

What is an “organizer”?

An organizer is an individual or group that hosts events that may not always host at the same location. Organizers can be things like bands, sports teams, clubs, etc. An organizer has a name, description, phone number, website, and email attached to it. Once created, you can link to the landing page of an organizer and it will have a list of all events linked to that organizer.

Other questions

Have other unanswered questions? Contact us!


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